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This week's hunch on "losing face"

Hello everyone,

And welcome to Issue #3, another edition of Hunch ! Today I am proud to share you two pieces of art. One might say 'give me some slack', I am sure these will spark your imagination.

Before you dive in乒 Allow me to show you the ropes in this recording 漎


Reflection without reflection - a mirrorless portrayal

Is what we perceive real or a deception shaped by old and fresh whispers today? Pure authenticity traded for a set belief which we coolly adhere to.

Our 'little garden of Eden' where few new flowers grow. A space so comfortable that gradually invokes fear and boundaries.

Old milestones once vast, slowly fading in the abyss. Their glow flickers a modest flame against the shadows. A rising phoenix 休 stands alone in the midst of the arena, vulnerable to spectators yet ready to fly with conviction for a good landing. Faith, for it has already removed indecision, the major cause of failure.

What seems chaos from the high-ups , lies salvation from regret. And so it goes until the universal law breaks through and the pupil is no more.

Thus the walls remain hopeful until the stubborn mind disserts a past no longer serving. Here the voice knocks the door until ones utterly deaf, too weak for change. Alas the gate closes, along the prospect of success.

Those betting security end up planning lifetimes, a certain defeat.

"Smell the cheese often so you know when it is getting old." - Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese?

So now you have absorbed 'Encounter', 'Mirrorless' - what are your key takeaways?

Both of these stories portray a situation where one loses face. All is ever-changing, as should we. Inevitably comes a time where one questions its reflection. So at some point we can either repeat until driven mad, silent. Or choose to reinvent entirely.

I encourage you, especially if you have read Daring Greatly by Bren矇 Brown, to put yourself in the arena and share your thoughts below. It means the world to me.

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Antoine Van Aerde