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World of Wonders

The gift of exploration 🥾

Hi All,

& welcome to Issue #5 😎 of Hunch. As of today, we have our own mascot 🎉 MrHunch! He’s going to make this voice shout even louder 📣 😁.

Those that missed any story per e-mail (❌ "Junk filter"), haven’t converted into a proper "Substack Application User"… you will never have to bite the dust anymore 😶‍🌫️.

MrHunch will brag about his waves 🏄‍♂️ "new Substack releases" all across the web on beaches like Twitter - LinkedIn - Instagram. This is just the start, since he aims to be the talk of the town.

Before you jump in, I collected some "vintage travel snippets" in the clip above (43s.). It fast-forwards discoveries during a full-time occupation in Dublin 🇮🇪. Unintended events, which to this day have fundamentally altered my view of things, place in this world.

Below - Hunch tells you the story of the essence of exploration 🏜🐪.

📖 Hunch Readers

World of Wonders

The gift of exploration 🥾

One’s imagination and the nervous slipping of time until in hand’s reach 🤏🏻. Stunned in darkness you gasp for air when the blur magnetises a long forgotten truth. As crystal it trembles the force of an earthquake while your fingers long its touch.

The heart leaps at rediscovery, sketching the sky with a 'silver lining'. From finding the golden dragon, questioning fate, becoming the child again. You feel empty, yet so wise.

A seagull’s scream seeps in. The wind, sun 🌞 collaborating on that perfect day. For the one out, and the glory is broken. Transported in time you box away senses to travel afar. Ready to race past treetops, giant waterfalls, mountains🏔 an inch away. The thrill of a lifetime, reaping 'pins and needles'.

The untamed is like getting lost, to see fresh again. When order prevails, add a bit of chaos to the mix. That right balance to keep you from living underwater.

Overwhelmed 😵‍💫 when residing a city 🏙 too long - glorious it feels to rid orientation. When the familiar blows too hard, structure starts to wear off, steer you like a puppet on a string. Amongst humans, concrete buildings, another relationship needs watering. 

Explorers are poisoned with a craving for more of life, an ever-increasing radiation. They bow to what comes next, acknowledge the spectacular, and nurture existence. 

How does it feel to have this day? Blessed it is, wishing only but your creation of beauty.

"Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before." – Dalai Lama

Following this powerful quote, I envy those that haven’t read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho yet. By far my most favourite book. It fires up the adventure in you, and made me take an unforgettable sabbatical for life 🙏🏻.

Throw in some comments, for example whether you’ve been exploring enough…

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In addition, I invite you to share me a fragment 🎥 "Awe Moment" of an exploration that felt special to you. Bundled all together - this will make an interesting video to watch 😉 🎬. 🔜 via WeTransfer to

Stay tuned for next Friday🔥


Antoine Van Aerde