How come we stretch so far when it comes to realising dreams? 🤔 Why not look in our "backyard" for someone that shows you smaller steps?

About HunchMaker

Lifetime stories for people and nature 🌱. Think of the "little heroes" in society, or "HunchMakers" as I like to call them… People whom we can relate to and bring out the best in us—that dare to dream, and won't let their calling ("hunch") drift away. If you feel stuck now, it is time to be inspired.

"If you feel stuck now, it is time to be inspired."

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Having an open mind is at the heart of self-realisation. On HunchMaker, I stretch far to stir your emotions, self-belief, act through the stories of remarkable spirits ⚡️. For you to become a HunchMaker, one that pursues a purpose above all else, it often boils down to a healthy dose of curiosity and execution—the gap I want you to cover. One day you will inspire others to do the same—the world 🌎 longs for it.

Kicking Stories

👟 Reawakening magical forests

👟 Invisible ruin - closing the gap for survival

👟 From the shadows making it happen

What's the Buzz

"The best article ever written about me. You're super talented! 🙏 Thank you so much, Antoine!" — Sarah Parent, founder of Go Forest

"Antoine knows how to capture my thoughts. It’s when I got in touch with his writing, I wanted to share my journey." — Anna Pixner, Austria's fastest downhill skateboarder

"My love for Anna Pixner's story, inspired to share mine. Antoine's writing is just beautiful." — Lena Stübner, founder of Koala Surfhouse

About Me

Since 2020, I chose to start anew, exploring fields that excite me. It landed on climate change and filmmaking. With no background, I felt in place—a "hunch" that led to something bigger. Today, I’m dedicated to impactful storytelling: articles, interviews, & documentaries designed to advance both people and nature.

It gives me such a thrill to share you changemakers' voices around the world—for they offer a way to unlock "trapped potential" in pursuit of self-fulfilment 🦋.

♾ Change comes as a blessing when no longer resisted.

As Paolo Coelho puts it: "If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello."

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Lifetime stories for people and nature 🌱


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